East Coast Vulture Festival 2008

New for this year, the Children's Fair was an overwhelming success!

Stephen Schabel of the Center for Birds of Prey shows off a Peregrine Falcon.

Stephen answers some questions.

Brian Hayes of the Nature Club talks about the vultures near their roost.

Karen Kravchuck, Nature Club President, takes tickets at the door.

Some interesting items were for sale at the nighttime gala.

Sharon Oakes of Wild Birds Unlimited attending to some of the items for sale.

The designer of this year's T-shirt, Gary Lizzi, displays his work.

Some ambience (and great desserts!) was provided by the Road Kill Cafe.

The vultures were kettling all over the wall.

A trio of trouble! Organizers (L-R) Rich Dilks, Bob Bevilaqua, and Scott Barnes.

A happy patron!

Judy Scott and a barred owl from Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.

The stage backdrop looked like it was painted just for the festival!

A welcome from our Master of Venues, Bob Bevilaqua.

Comparing the Asian brown owl and a barred owl.

Jessica Claflin of the Center for Birds of Prey and a Harris Hawk.

Stephen talks about the Black Vulture.

The guest of honor takes a bow.

The black vulture looks to be doing some light reading about his home, The Center for Birds of Prey.

The performance by Jim Six was outstanding, and included a new vulture song for this year.

Erick Mollenhauer was outstanding as a member of the dance ensemble.

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