East Coast Vulture Festival 2007

Buzzy, the Vulture Festival Mascot.


Ed Cleary and Dave Partridge are two very regal-looking Vultures!


Vultures Ed Cleary & Erik Mollenhauer talk to Sarah Summerville from Unexpected Wildlife Refuge.


Judy Scott from Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge holds a screech owl.


Bob Cassel & Karen Kravchuck provided information on the Gloucester County Nature Club.


Brian Hayes gave us a talk on Vultures of the World.


SOme of our vultures checking notes prior to the dance routine.


The Vulture Review performed a dance routine to the tune of "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road."


Kris Mollenhauer played the part of the skunk in the dance routine.


Jim Six and the Roadkill Band!


Jims Six performs.


Erik Mollenhauer has all the moves!


Kris Mollenhauer, Millie Cleary, & Rich Dilks have the moves too!


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